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Principal's Welcome

Welcome To Hope High School!

The Hope High School campus is a positive and dynamic learning community that serves Calhoun County in a variety of ways.



Hope High School is a non-traditional campus where students complete all graduation requirements through an individualized plan resulting in a traditional diploma. Students work independently as well as in small groups to master state standards and earn the credits required for graduation. STAAR End of Course preparation is also embedded in the Hope curriculum.   Our faculty is committed to providing an academically rich and emotionally supportive environment focused on graduation and post high school success. Be inspired by Hope!

 Flex Program:

The Hope High School campus also hosts the Flex program. The FLEX program is a safe and caring short-term alternative program that is responsive to the needs of students. Students are referred to FLEX as a result of behaviors that prevented success on the home campus. The FLEX faculty provides academic and behavioral support that encourages students to focus their efforts to reach their full potential. Students continue to receive instructional materials from their home campus as well as individualized instruction from FLEX teachers. Our goal is to support students as they develop positive academic behaviors and prepare to return to their home campus.

Dwana Finster



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900 N. Virginia St.

Port Lavaca, TX. 77979

Ph:  361-552-7084  |  Fax: 361-551-2677